Which artistic genius is responsible for the amazing designs?

Illustration/ artwork – pencil/ ink drawings then gone over with the pen tool in illustrator by Mr. Wyrd Fun himself. A hybrid art/ vanity project. Basically just designing tees and totes that My Wyrd Fun would want to wear himself. If others do too…


How are the Tees and Totes made?

All Tees and Totes are silk screened by hand as and when they are ordered, hence the slightly longer shipping time due to the production process. Thus all tees are one offs, if you want to switch your front and back prints or colour ways please send an email after you’ve placed your order and we can take it from there.


Do you accept commissions?

If you have an idea and it is interesting, let’s see what we can do.


Do you accept artwork for future tees and totes from other artists?

No. Go and start your own t-shirt/ printing company. That’s what Mr. Wyrd Fun did.


Where do the photos come from?

Photos/ background images – all photos are from either pexels or pixabay or even giphy.com, used under a cc attribution license. Go to any of those sites if you want to show those photographers/ artists some love directly.